PE geomembrane is used in tunnel construction

The joint treatment of the tunnel waterproof board is the key procedure of construction. Generally, the heat welding method is used. The surface of the PE film is heated to melt the surface, and then fused into one body by pressure. For the edge joints of the laid tunnel waterproof board It is required that there should be no oil, water, dust, etc. at the joint. Before welding, the PE single film on the two sides of the joint should be adjusted to make it overlap a certain width. Use a special welding machine to weld the tunnel waterproof board, and the impermeable concrete is formed by adding a reinforcing waterproof agent in the concrete, which can improve the waterproof and impermeable effect. The waterproof layer generally adopts an externally attached waterproof layer. For the composite lining, set the interlayer waterproof layer. Waterproof materials are commonly used waterproof films and waterproof boards made of synthetic resins and geotextile polymers.


Post time: May-10-2022