The impermeability of membrane-covered waterproof blanket

The top layer of the membrane-covered waterproof blanket is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) film, and the lower layer is a non-woven fabric. A layer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) film is glued on it. Bentonite waterproof blanket has stronger waterproof and anti-seepage ability than ordinary bentonite waterproof blanket. The waterproof mechanism is that the bentonite particles swell with water to form a uniform colloidal system. Under the restriction of two layers of geotextiles, the bentonite expands from disorder to order. The result of continuous water absorption and expansion is to make the bentonite layer itself dense. , so as to have a waterproof effect.


Physical characteristics of the film-coated waterproof blanket:

1. It has excellent waterproof and anti-seepage performance, the anti-seepage hydrostatic pressure can reach more than 1.0MPa, and the permeability coefficient is 5×10-9cm/s. Bentonite is a natural inorganic material, which will not undergo aging reaction and has good durability; Any adverse impact on the environment is an environmentally friendly material
2. It has all the characteristics of geotextile materials, such as separation, reinforcement, protection, filtration, etc. The construction is simple and not limited by the construction environment temperature, and it can also be constructed below 0 °C. During construction, simply lay the GCL waterproof blanket on the ground, fix it with nails and washers when constructing on the facade or slope, and lap it as required.
3. Easy to repair; even after the waterproof (seepage) construction is completed, if the waterproof layer is accidentally damaged, as long as the damaged part is simply repaired, the waterproof performance can be regained as it was.
4. The performance-price ratio is relatively high, and the use is very wide.
5. The width of the product can reach 6 meters, which matches the specifications of the international geotextile (membrane), which greatly improves the construction efficiency.
6. It is suitable for anti-seepage and anti-seepage treatment in the fields of high waterproof and anti-seepage requirements, such as: tunnels, subways, basements, underground passages, various underground buildings and waterscape projects with rich groundwater resources.

Post time: May-17-2022