Bentonite Composite Waterproof Blanket

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The bentonite waterproof blanket is made of highly expansive sodium-based bentonite filled between a special composite geotextile and a non-woven fabric.
The bentonite impermeable mat made by needle punching can form many small fiber spaces.

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Bentonite Composite Waterproof Blanket is a special geosynthetic material used in artificial lakes and water features, landfills, underground garages, roof gardens, pools, oil depots and chemical dumps, etc. It is made of high expansion of sodium bentonite filled in a special composite geotextile and non-woven fabric between the needle-punching method into the bentonite impermeable mat can form many small fiber space, is the bentonite particles can not flow like a direction. When water is encountered, a uniform high-density gel-like waterproof layer is formed in the mat, effectively preventing water leakage.

Product Features:
1, It has excellent waterproof and impermeable properties, impermeable hydrostatic pressure up to 1.0MPa or more, permeability 5 × 10-11cm / s, unit area bentonite quality 5kg / ㎡, bentonite is a natural inorganic materials, will not be aging reaction, good durability; and will not cause any adverse impact on the environment is an environmentally friendly material;.
2, Has all the characteristics of geotextile materials, such as separation, reinforcement, protection, filtration, etc., construction is easy and not limited by the temperature of the construction environment, 0 ℃ below can also be constructed. construction simply lay the GCL waterproof blanket flat on the ground, vertical or oblique construction, with nails and washers to fix it, and lap as required;.
3, Easy to repair; even after the end of waterproofing (seepage) construction, such as accidental damage to the waterproof layer, as long as the broken part of the simple repair, you can regain the original waterproof performance.
4, Relatively high performance to price ratio, very wide range of uses.



Bentonite composite waterproof blanket
Item Specification
Unit area weight≥(g/m²) ≥4000 ≥4000 ≥4000
Bentonite Swelling Index≥(ml/2g) 24 24 24
Blue absorption≥(g/100g) 30 30 30
Tensile Strength≥(N/100mm) 600 700 600
Maximum elongation≥(%) 10 10 8
Peel strength of non-woven fabric and woven fabric≥(N/100mm) 40 40
Peel strength of pe film and non-woven fabric≥(N/100mm) - 30 -
Permeability coefficient ≤ (m/s) 5.0*10^-11 5.0*10^-12 5.0*10^-12
Durability of bentonite/≥(ml/2g) 20 20 20

As a new environmentally friendly ecological composite impermeable materials, with its unique anti-seepage properties have been widely used in water conservancy, environmental protection, transportation, railways, civil aviation and other civil engineering. Landfill foundation treatment and capping, artificial lakes, reservoirs, channels, rivers, roof gardens of seepage control, basements, subways, tunnels, underground passages and other underground buildings of the name class seepage control.



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