Plastic Drainage Board

Short Description:

Plastic drainage board are made of polystyrene (HIPS) or polyethylene (HDPE) as raw materials. In the production process, the plastic sheet is stamped to form a hollow platform. In this way, a drainage board is made.

It is also called concave-convex drainage plate, drainage protection plate, garage roof drainage plate, drainage plate, etc. It is mainly used for drainage and storage of the concrete protective layer on the garage roof. So as to ensure that the excess water on the roof of the garage can be discharged after backfilling. It can also be used for tunnel drainage.

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Product Introduction:
Plastic drainage plate is made by polyethylene (HDPE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the raw material of plastic floor after punching into cone by units or stiffening rib protruding point (or hollow cylindrical porous)

Product Features:
1. Guide water, waterproof and drainage protection board have bump stud hollow structure, can fast effective export rainwater, greatly reduce or even eliminate the hydrostatic pressure of the waterproof layer, through the principle of the active water can be active waterproof effect.
2. Waterproof performance: polyethylene (HDPE) polystyrene (PVC) waterproof and drainage protection plate material itself is a kind of very good waterproof material. Through the adoption of reliable connection, make the waterproof and drainage board become a kind of very good auxiliary waterproof material.
3. Protect protective: waterproof and drainage plate can effectively protect structures and the waterproof layer, and to resist all kinds of acid and alkali in the soil and plant thorn. In the basement exterior wall backfill soil, it can protect the buildings and the waterproof layer from damage.
4. Sound insulation and ventilation moistureproof function: laboratory data showed that polyethylene (HDPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproof and drainage protection plate can effectively reduce indoor 14 decibels, 500 hz noise, has obvious noise reduction of sound insulation function. Waterproof guide water board on the ground or metope to use, also can have very good ventilation moistureproof effect.

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Product Specification:

Plastic drainage board
item Specification
Tension at 10% elongation (N/100mm) ≥ 350
Maximum pulling force (N/100mm) ≥ 600
Elongation at break /% ≥ 25
Tear performance/N ≥ 100
Compression performance Maximum strength when compression rate is 20%/KPa ≥ 150
Extreme compression performance No break
Low temperature flexibility -10℃ no cracks
Heat aging Tensile retention at 10% elongation≥ 80
Maximum tensile retention rate/(N/100mm) /% ≥ 90
Elongation at break retention rate /% ≥ 70
Maximum strength retention rate when the compression rate is 20% ≥ 90
Extreme compression performance No break
Low temperature flexibility -10℃ no cracks
Longitudinal water flow (test pressure 150KPa) (cm²/s) ≥ 10

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Product Application:
1. Greening project: the garage roof greening, roof garden, vertical greening, roof greening, football pitches, golf course.
2. Construction: building based on the upper or lower, inside and outside the basement wall, floor and roof, roof seepage control and heat insulation layer, etc.

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