Geotechnical mat for channel seepage prevention and drainage

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Geotechnical mat is a new type of geosynthetic material made of messy wire melted and laid.
It has high pressure resistance, large opening density,
and has all-round water collection and horizontal drainage functions.

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Product Introduction:
Geo textile mat is a new type of geo synthetic material made of fused and laid mesh of disordered filaments. It has high pressure resistance, high density of openings and has all-round water collection and horizontal drainage functions. The structure is a three-dimensional geo membrane core with needle-punched perforated non-woven geo textiles on both sides. The three-dimensional geo mesh core drains groundwater rapidly and has a pore maintenance system of its own, which blocks capillary water under high loads. It also acts as a barrier reinforcement.

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Product Features:
1. High pressure resistance, high open hole density, with all-round water collection and horizontal drainage function.
2. After the geotextile mat is compounded with non-woven geotextile, it can collect the rainwater penetrating through the soil cover layer or the sewage discharged from the yard itself under the buried closed cover layer, and use its unique drainage function to discharge from the geotextile mat sandwich layer in an orderly manner according to the engineering requirements, without forming silting. Therefore, it can avoid the possible sliding problem due to the water absorption saturation of soil cover layer.
3. Geomat mat can not only drain water, but also discharge the methane gas produced by fermentation in the soil (especially waste waste), which is especially suitable for application in landfill.
4. geotechnical mat and HDPE combined application, at the same time can play a good role in protecting the HDPE membrane from puncture.

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Geotechnical mat
Item Specification
Thickness(mm ≥)
Compressive strength ≥ 250KPa
Tensile Strength ≥ 6.0KN/m
Elongation ≥ 40%
Vertical permeability coefficient ≥ 5*10^-1㎡
Porosity 80-90%
Horizontal hydraulic conductivity 200KPa, ≥50*10^-3/s

It is widely used in channel seepage prevention and drainage, roadbed drainage of railways and highways, reverse filtration of retaining
walls, drainage and moisture prevention of underground buildings, sewage treatment plants, landfills and other projects.

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