Construction Formwork for High-speed rail

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We have many kinds of construction formwork, such as :Bridge steel formwork, Highway steel formwork , Railway steel formwork, Subway steel formwork, Municipal Engineering steel formwork,  Rail transit steel formwork and so on.

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Selected high-quality steel materials such as Shougang and Anshan Iron and Steel, through 19 processes, the industry is high, Refined and sophisticated equipment, thousands of times of quenching and molding, no impurities, high quality,high precision, seamless seam; strong rigidity, flexible assembly; strong earthquake resistance, no deformed.

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For steel formwork, bridge formwork, hanging basket, tunnel trolley, high-speed rail formwork, subway formwork, urban rail transit formwork, hollow slab, pier column, cap beam, culvert, hydraulic T beam formwork, hydraulic box girder formwork, sliding film, anti-corrosion We have rich experience in the design and production of various forms such as impact walls, curbs, water collection troughs, slope protection blocks, metal bellows, etc., for 100 tons, 6 meters span gantry, 40 meters box girder bridge erection machine, beam lifting We have rich design experience and production technology for the machine, the beam transport flat car and the large cast-in-place box beam hanging template.

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With strong strength, it has undertaken the production of many forms of bridges, water conservancy, high-speed, high-speed rail, etc.
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